Inspired by One of the Greatest (Johnny)

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As I was browsing some of my good buddies blogs, I had an idea for a comment. That comment, however, somehow turned out not to be so much of a comment and much more of a blog story. Thus, let the chaos begin..

A link to his blog can be found at so that you may try and take the logical steps as to how this short story is my ‘logical’ conclusion and response to his blog.


You know, I heard that the whole time Ms. Franklin had an earpiece in connected to her hidden iPod. The song that was playing was the BeeGees – “Stayin’ Alive”

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So I was in this nutshell…

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After reading blogs from several of my friends and an informal shove from a coworker, I have decided to undertake my own cortex stimulations and delegate them to virtual ‘print.’ May not be often, but looks to be hella fun!

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!